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Here are some of the women who have achieved their health goals with the help of Bikini Babe tea. We are so proud of their achievements and encourage you to look through and gain inspiration to make your healthy change.

Join over 300,000 women who have completed a tea detox and kick-start your health goals today!

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Beck Stevens
Co-Host Ch7's Sydney Weekender

I debated about doing the tea detox since I’m a sweet tooth and wasn't sure if I could commit, but I did and I must say it helped with night time sugar/ chocolate cravings! It gave me the motivation to get my butt back in shape but I just felt less bloated and so much healthier and had more energy when I woke up in the mornings!! I really needed it as our job is so full on filming some days for 8-10 hours straight on location! Thank you! *


I have suffered from bloating for most of my life. i would have one slice of toast and then be bloated and uncomfortable for the rest of my day! Since starting bikini babe tea, my bloatinghas calmed and I feel so much better, lighter and more comfortable! I would definately recommend to anyone else who has troubles with bloating. *

Andreia Fonseca
Oatley Australia

Before starting the Bikini Babe tea 14 day detox, I was feeling bloated and run down. I hated how I felt.I’m so happy that I made the decision to get started and I’ve just finished my 14 day detox and I must say I am feeling great, I’m less bloated and I’m full of energy considering how busy we’ve been. Looking forward to starting my next round soon. I would definitely recommend Bikini Babe tea.*


What a difference six weeks can make, have got my shape back around my tummy and legs. I’ve been eating well (mostly), drinking the teas for about three of these 6 weeks and exercising 4-5 times a week! I feel amazing! I would definitely recommend a tea detox to anyone who wants to get back into shape (especially after a baby!)*

Maria Elena Fadous
Pyrmont, Australia

My results are proof that it works! I always struggled with my tummy fat especially after having two kids. Even though I was exercising 3 times a week for 45 minutes a day, I couldn’t get rid of the fat around my tummy. I now have completed two 14 day tea detoxes with Bikini Babe tea and I’m so happy with the results, my tummy is definitely flatter, my skinny jeans fit so much better and there is almost no more fat hanging over the top of my jeans which feels amazing! Plus, I have more energy during the day. The night tea helped to cleanse my body and also motivated me to eat well because I was less hungry.*

Aya Duke
Sydney, Australia

I go to the gym 6 days a week and do HIT intensive for 45 minutes a day. My body is quite fit now but I’ve never felt happy about the way I look around my stomach, and I didn’t know how I could get the flat stomach I’ve always wanted. I found the solution – Bikini Babe tea, after only 2 weeks of drinking it, my core looks exactly how I want it. I feel great and I’ve got more self-confidence. Thank you Bikini Babe tea – I recommend it to anyone.*

Emily Hockings
United Kingdom

After months of exercising at the gym I decided to try Bikini Babe tea to help me to detox my body and help me lose weight. After finishing the 14 day detox, I can feel that my tummy is less bloated, I also felt less hungry during the day while I was drinking the tea which helped me a lot to eat well.*

Ivanna Gil,
Chiswick, Australia

Just finished my second round of 14 day tea detox from Bikini Babe tea and I’m happy to report I feel fabulous!!! I’m so happy that I’ve taken before photos because I can really see the difference especially around my tummy. The morning boost was refreshing and it helped to reduce my appetite and gave me so much more energy. There were a few days where I had some junk food but it didn’t really affect my results. My biggest issue was bloating around my tummy and I’m happy that the tea has definitely got rid of it! Anyone who is feeling blah and run down MUST, MUST, MUST try a detox tea. Bikini Babe tea – I have absolutely loved it!! Thank you Bikini Babe tea!*

Yael Nadoo
Melbourne, Australia

I definitely feel more energized and less bloated - especially when I need to wake up for Ziggy our new pup. Thanks so much Bikini Babe tea! I am doing another 14 day detox in a few weeks!*

Mai Nerose
Sydney. Australia

I loved the detox tea especially the morning one because it looked so pretty with the rose petals and smelled sooooo good. My main problem is bloating and feeling sluggish especially when I have PMT. I found the tea relaxed me in the early busy morning especially before I have to get 3 kids ready for school. After only 3 days my stomach was less bloated but I also felt more energetic and productive. I strongly recommend this detox tea to anyone who wants to feel healthier!*

Marifel Siasat
Birchgrove, Australia

I decided to try a 14 day detox because I saw the amazing results everyone seemed to be getting and I desperately wanted to get rid of my bloating and fat tummy. I still looked 7 months pregnant after having my kids! The best thing I loved about the tea is that I didn’t have to starve myself. It didn’t seem to matter what I ate because after the 14 days my stomach was flatter. I love having my morning boost tea, the positive affirmation on the back of the helps me to start my day in the right frame of mind and it relaxes me and gives me more energy. I still have a few kilos to lose but I’m starting to feel healthier and have more energy! Thank you Bikini Babe tea, I will be ordering again!!*

Disclaimer * Results vary from person to person.

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