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The principle of a tea detox is to simply heal the body through cleansing, using all natural antioxidant rich ingredients. Our bodies are already quite clever at detoxification process. However, a tea detox aims to aid and enhance these natural processes by giving our bodies a rest and providing the digestive system with the well-deserved break it's asking for.

When our own detoxification systems become overloaded and don’t function properly, toxins get stored in various tissues of the body including fatty tissue. Just like cars, our own internal engines are subject to waste build up and become sluggish over time. They need an occasional tune-up and run better when clean.

A tea detox is a way to finding our starting point again, while you might be looking at shedding some weight, feeling lighter, getting rid of some bloating and to improve your digestion.  Our tea detox programs are all natural with no artificial ingredients and is the key to a successful detox, one that helps you get rid of the physical toxin- overload our bodies are dealing with daily, but also helps you find a way to re-connect with your body and listen to what it is really asking you for.   

So take this detoxing period as a “time out”.  Time out from physiological toxins and time out from psychological toxins, by detoxing our minds from thoughts that do not serve us, it is time for introspective, time for letting go, time for giving space to something your inner self is trying to tell you, time for change, time for self-growth, time for action, time to listen to self.  The body wants you to feel empowered to be able to look after it and cherish it at whatever shape or form.  See its uniqueness and fall in love with your body again with a tea detox.   As you do this and reconnect with your body, the weight loss, vitality and sense of wellbeing will follow naturally. 

Your body is a precious temple, it is the vehicle that carries your soul, and you are only given one in this life time.

Enjoy this time, be gentle to self, keep things simple and take time to journal your feelings, emotions and the new ideas that might emerge.

It is now, time for you, time to embrace your true self.

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