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About us

Bikini Babe Tea is the creation of Maria Elena Fadous. Maria Elena had always considered herself to be fortunate - healthy, a successful career, a loving partner. When children entered her world, despite the feelings of love & joy, she couldn't feel somewhat out of place. She felt different. Her body had changed. Her energy levels had changed, and her order of priorities had changed.

The Maria Elena Fadous that she had identified with for 30+ years had been displaced. The once independent, confident, babe was now mostly referred to as Mum or Wife.

Maria noticed that there were so many women like herself, putting themselves last. It was time for a change. Maria embarked on a mission to inspire all these women to get out of their rut both physically & emotionally & return to feeling confident, brave and extraordinary.

Bikini Babe Tea was born as the helping hand to reignite the babe in all of these brilliant women. To empower her to be the best version of herself. At Bikini Babe Tea, we celebrate all it means to be a bold, confident woman in today's world.



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