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28 Day Tea Detox - Full Body Miracle Cleanse

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You deserve to LOVE your body.

The Premium Herbalist Blend Detox Program - All Natural and Delicious.
Unlike other detoxification programs, Bikini Babe Tea Detox is tastes delicious, high quality, potent, contains all natural ingredients, and has been developed by leading herbalists in Australia.
This vitally important process occurs over 14 days or 28 Days as using a simple-to-follow program, containing everything you need to safely and successfully detoxify, without disrupting your daily routine.

Feel Lighter, Slimmer and Rejuvenated in 28 Days! Our exciting new 28 Day program will help you flush away toxins while reducing the feeling of belly bloat and puffiness.

Our 28 Day program is for you if you want to experience the benefits of a full body detox over a longer period of time. Start over, and leave the past behind and take control of your future to kick-start a positive and healthy new you.

You will receive a 28 day supply of Good Morning Boost (Morning Tea) and Good Night Cleanse (Evening Tea) to be taken every morning and an evening blend to be taken every second night. Our exclusive blend of tea is specially formulated by leading herbalists and contain uncut/unspoilt tea leaves from around the world to form a highly potent blend of unique ingredients to help with cleansing, fat loss and increased energy levels.

Our Good Morning Boost (morning tea) is a deliciously stimulating and uplifting loose-leaf blend of green tea, lemon myrtle and nourishing herbs, which help to get you energised in the morning, and ready to start the day fresh, it is the perfect addition to your breakfast. Our Good Night Cleanse teatox (evening tea) contains a therapeutic blend of Senna leaf, and valerian root scientifically formulated to assist weight loss by promoting efficient bowel function when combined with our healthy eating plan. They also cleanse and detoxify the body through the elimination of potentially harmful metabolic toxins and contain antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals. The senna leaf helps to support the body’s natural detoxification processes through the efficient cleansing of the digestive tract.

The ingredients in our tea detox plan work in harmony together to assist your body get rid of toxic waste, reduce bloating and help burn stored fat.


  • Stops bloating
  • Promotes healthy, glowing and flawless skin
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Lose up to 5kgs in 28 days (results vary from person to person)

Good Night Cleanse Detox
Senna, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root, Fennel Seed, Rose, Peppermint, Valerian

Good Morning Boost Tea Detox
Green tea, Lemon Myrtle, Guarana, Spearmint, Nettle, Calendula, Rose and Corn Flower.

Our tea formula is unique as it contains leaves from a very rare "super-tree" that provides both hydration and a boost of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The high concentration of Citral found in these "miracle" leaves holds the key to amazing health benefits. 

SKIN - Powerful Citral naturally may clear the skin of acne and blemishes and may rid the body of toxins.

ANTIOXIDANTS - Superior Antioxidant capacity - Helping to fight free radicals caused by stress, alcohol, cigarettes and pollution - protecting the skin from breaking down and ageing.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Reducing inflammation in the body

DETOX/ WEIGHT LOSS - Citral detoxifies the body by increasing the quantity and frequency of urination. This helps to clean the liver, kidneys, pancreas and bladder as well as flushing out excess cholesterol, toxic substances and fats from the body.

NON-ACIDIC- Alkalises the body.

DIGESTION - Promotes proper digestion of food, which makes it an ideal remedy for bloating, indigestion and gas.

STRESS AND SLEEP - Produces a calming and relaxing effect, which aids with sleep and helps us cope with everyday stress, anxiety and nervous tension.

FATIGUE - Boosts energy  

Good Morning Boost

Infuse 1-heaped teaspoon of Good Morning Boost tea in a cup of near boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Drink 1 cup every morning with breakfast.

Set your alarm to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier and turn drinking your Good Morning Boost tea into a calming and mindful practice to reflect on the day ahead. Say your morning affirmation as you sip your tea “I love my life and every day of it is a blessing” Take time to contemplate on your blessings and use this time to focus on all the things you are grateful for. Making this a daily practice over time will form into a habit that will make you feel happier and more content. By making tea drinking into a daily practice, we can clear our minds and align our energy. It can add to our happiness, exponentially.

Good Night Cleanse

Infuse 1-heaped teaspoon of Good Night Cleanse tea in a cup of near boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Drink 1 cup every SECOND night.

Try to drink your tea one hour before you go to bed and use this time to unwind and reflect on the blessings you received today. Your bed time ritual can set the tone for how well you sleep at night, so make sure you turn off all distractions, mobile phone, televisions, IPADS and consider journaling before you go to bed. Sleep is vitally important during the detox period as the body heals and revitalises itself naturally. Getting at least eight hours of sleep nightly is recommended, as this will allow the major body systems to rest and the body’s cells to be renewed.

Bikini Babe Tea is blended with all-natural ingredients where each ingredient is specifically sourced and selected for its unique properties. We have turned to leading herbalists in Australia to formulate our unique blend of natural ingredients. Our tea leaves remain un-spoilt and uncut to ensure the quality and integrity of the tea leaves aren’t compromised. When you open your Bikini Babe Tea package, you will smell the freshness and quality of our tea leaves.

Each of the ingredients work in synergy together and creates a powerful, highly potent formulation to assist you to achieve a healthy, bloat free body.

In order to give you the best Teatox experience, our select team have worked tirelessly to create two very special blends of tea that work in a complementary 2-step program.

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