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For most of us, looking in front of the mirror and staring down at our tummy fat can be a very confronting time. The feeling of sitting down and having our tummy fat hanging over our jeans isn't a comfortable feeling.

The good news is there are some positive steps we can take to reduce it every day - without having to do a single sit up!

Belly Fat is stubborn body fat because this kind of fat sticks to the stomach and in most cases doesn't respond well to exercise or traditional dieting. Generally speaking, eating healthy and being physically active will help you lose body fat. But that "stubborn belly fat" is a different kind of fat.

Belly fat resides within striking distance of your heart, liver and other delicate organs, it's to blame for alot of health conditions.

If you're serious about getting rid of tummy fat, you must follow these 5 steps. We'll cover the first step in this blog and the remaining steps in the blog posts to follow.

1. Remove these 7 FAT BELLY FOODS.

Here’s a list of foods to scrap from your diet and the seven flat tummy foods to add to it.

To get the best results, please commit to 30 days.

These foods help your body burn fat, instead of making the body store tummy fat. Most of the time, the body begins storing tummy fat in as little as two hours after you eat one of these fat-tummy foods.

If you are serious about getting rid of belly fat, you must remove these 7 foods from your diet.

1. White Sugar

White refined sugar is found in cakes, pies, fruit juices, candy and so many other things that we crave every day. Many people are addicted to white sugar and don’t even know it. This sugar addiction is the reason people get belly fat. You’re probably thinking you don’t eat a lot of sugar because you don’t eat a lot of sweets like cookies or lollies, but the problem is sugar is hidden in lots of food including bread, muffins and even dried fruit. Sugar is toxic. It has no nutritional value, it’s highly addictive and it makes you sick and fat.

Are you having a panic attack right now just thinking about giving up sugar? You have to look at kicking the sugar habit as though as you are ending an addiction. The key is to understand where your sugar is coming from and then find alternatives to eating so much sugar in your foods.

Choose foods that have 5 grams or less sugar per serving. To sweeten food, it’s better to use Stevia or some equivalent sweetener instead of sugar. Sugar will cause belly fat and will make you feel irritable, moody and tired.

2. Refined Carbohydrates

Because the finer in refined carbohydrates has been stripped away, they are digested rapidly and cause insulin spikes which results in fat storage. Avoid anything made of white flour, including white bread and pasta, as well as white rice. White flour is bleached in the same way you bleach your clothing. Wheat flour and enriched wheat flour is the same as white flour – don’t be fooled. Look for whole grain or whole wheat when you are buying breads and pastas.

3 White Salt

Sodium, commonly known as “salt” is another major factor in excess belly fat. Excess salt causes water retention and bloating. Avoid the salt shaker and salt based seasonings. Better alternatives are sea-salt, black pepper or cayenne pepper which actually boost your metabolism. We only need 500-1000 milligrams of sodium a day, too many of us are having six times as much resulting in large amounts of excess belly fat and bloating.

4. Artificial Sweeteners?

What? But they have zero calories so they can’t be making me fat. Wrong! These artificial sweeteners increase appetite by sending false signals to the brain that sweet food is on the way. The brain then gets confused when sweet food never arrives and so it never gives the signal that you are satisfied. This causes you to crave sugar throughout the day.

The best choice for a calorie free sweetener is Stevia – a herb that grows naturally in parts of Paraguay and Brazil.

5. Trans fats Fried Foods

Fried foods become saturated with hydrogenated oils we use to cook them and these fat-filled oils causes belly fat. Eating trans fats is like eating plastic. Trans fat disrupt metabolism, causes weight gain and increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and inflammation.

6. Saturated Fats

You have to cut down foods that are high in saturated fat as these lead specifically to belly fat. Saturated fats are found in a lot of red meats and in whole fat dairy products like milk and cheese. You have to remove dairy foods like milk, cream cheese and butter.

7. Soft drinks and fruit juices

Soft drinks and store bought fruit juices are high in white sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup and cause belly fat. By removing regular sodas and fruit juices will make a huge difference in getting rid of belly fat. Soft drinks have been found to make you crave sugar and fattening foods because of the artificial sweeteners found in them. Try switching your diet sodas for green tea or plain water – your body will thank you for it.

So, that’s the 7 fat tummy foods that are probably feeding your belly fat. Start removing these from your diet now. Stay tuned for our next blog post - The 7 Best Flat Belly Foods

Leave a comment on what foods you’ve removed from your diet and what were the results?



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