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We're always on the look out for tools and strategies that are simple and easy to follow to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals and we found this diet that promises to help you shed body fat fast.

We LOVE this eating plan because it allows you to:

  1. Eat as much chocolate, ice cream and cake that you want on one day, in fact it’s a MUST.
  2. Allows you to burn fat while you are sleeping without exercise.
  3. Drop 3 dress sizes in 4-6 weeks.

The diet is simple and easy to follow PLUS you’re allowed one cheat day a week, in fact it’s a MUST to keep the body burning fat faster.

Here are the 5 rules…..

There are only 5 rules in the slow-carb diet, why not give it a go before summer and team it up with Bikini Babe Tea for faster fat loss:

  1. Avoid “white” carbohydrates – This means anything made from grains, including corn, rice (brown and white), and quinoa, white potatoes, and breaded things (like fried chicken). White carbs that are not part of this include things like white beans and cauliflower. If it’s white and not a legume or (legit) vegetable, avoid it when fat loss is your goal.
  2. Eat the same few meals over and over again – It’s easier to plan, and planning always makes success more likely. It also helps you spend less time thinking about food, which for many of us is the reason we can’t stand “diets” in the first place.
  3. Don’t drink calories – There are plenty of reasons for this, but the most important one is that a ton of your calories have previously come through beverages, and they provide little to no nutritional value. You want your calories to be nutritious, so you want to keep the fluff out.
  4. Don’t eat fruit – If you’re like me, you might balk at that statement. Fruit is healthy, right? Yes, in a healthy person it’s great for you. For an overweight person looking to lose fat, it’s only going to make it more difficult. Same thing for super healthy foods like sweet potatoes. The carb content is high and easily digested, so it raises blood sugars and makes it harder to tell your body to get rid of fat. For now, just say no. You’ll get some later.
  5. Take one day off per week – Also known as “cheat day” or “faturday” or whatever name you want to give it. Take one day a week and throw the other 4 rules out the window. Do what you want without fear of gaining all the weight back. There’s good reason for it. When you have a craving during the week, save it for your cheat day.

Source: Timothy Ferris:

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