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7 simple tips for a healthy, low carb diet

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A diet with a smaller quantity of carbohydrates and higher fat proportion is a low-carb-diet. The good news is even if you reduce the amount of sugar and starch in your diet; you can include many yummy foods in it AND you will still manage to lose those extra pounds.

If you follow a low-carb diet plan, it will be very easy for you to not only lose weight but also to maintain your blood-sugar levels.

And believe us, it’s just the start!

With the mass production of processed foods, it's very important for you to know about their pros and cons in order to remain healthy and fit. Going grain-free is not the only solution. You must also be well-aware about what you should eat and what you should avoid.

We know you love food but you also want to keep your body in good shape.

Here are 7 simple easy to follow tips for a low-carb diet to help you remain healthy, fit, and strong. And the best thing is many low-carb diets have added health benefits like anti-diabetic effects and increasing metabolism. But we want you to first consult your doctor if you are deciding to follow a weight-loss diet (particularly if you have any sort of heart problem or diabetes).

  • Avoid processed meats: By choosing unprocessed meats, you will definitely do your body a great favour. Usually, processed meat is treated with nitrite which is a chemical solution for fixing the meat’s color. When you cook ‘cured’ meat in the form of sausages, bacon, minced meat, etc., the amino acids in the meat react with sodium nitrite. This whole process produces nitrosamines which are linked with cancers of various types. So selecting naturally-processed meats is a wise decision as there is no sodium nitrite in them.


  • Choose organic dairy products: When cows are pregnant, they have high estrogen levels. When commercial dairies use their milk for making dairy products, the estrogen level in these products is also high. You must keep away from such products to avoid any negative effects on your body. The best way is to use organic milk and other organic dairy products.


  • Eat fermented foods: Fermented foods like fermented onions, kefir, and dairy yogurt are great substitutes of fibrous grains. They are readily available, tasty, and healthy. They also help in keeping your bowel healthy by boosting immunity. You can try these amazing fermented food recipes[1] and make them in your own kitchen easily.

  • Consider eating organic fruits and vegetables: In case your budget doesn't restrict you, your first choice must always be organic vegetables and fruits. Eating the exterior part of such foods is very beneficial. On the other hand, if it is not possible for you to go all organic, you must make sure that all the fruits and vegetables used in your house are washed in warm water and rinsed properly to wipe away any residues of pesticide and similar chemicals.


  • Minimize your intake of carbonated drinks: The carbonic acid in various drinks and beverages is extremely harmful for your body, especially bones. You must avoid these unsafe drinks at all times. In its place, you must make a habit of drinking water. Adding lemons in water is a great idea to detoxify your body. Other drinks that are better than soda and similar beverages include coconut water, green tea, and almond milk.


  • Stay away from hydrogenated fats: Hydrogenation is a process in which liquid vegetable oils are converted into semi-solid or solid fats. These fats are unnatural and can be extremely dangerous for your body. When you consume foods containing hydrogenated fats, they may increase your chance of getting diabetes, hypertension, and heart-related conditions. And you must start avoiding margarine right away as it is the main culprit. This is because vegetable oils are hydrogenated for making margarine. In this way, margarine is produced in a semi-solid form. Similarly, many spreads to put on bread are made by hydrogenating oils. Avoid grains, sugars, as well as products containing hydrogenated oils.


  • Eat meals cooked on low-temperature: You must stop cooking at high-temperatures. When you exceed 450°F, proteins or carbohydrates in your food react with the fats and make your food toxic. It is quite dangerous for your body as it contributes in cancer, heart problems, and arthritis development. So you need to avoid charring your food and cooking it on high flames.

Following these tips will allow you to eat whatever you like.  Real food is all you need!



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